Energy of the day:

The energy today is so volatile so it can be used to destroy, perhaps on a spiritual or karmic level you might be successful at destroying karma or negative energy that has been blocking your true path.

Capricorn:  Relax and know when the opportunity arrives you will be all the better for it, be patient but continue moving forward

If today is your birthday:

Meditation is something that will help you keep balanced as you are usually running around to achieve or attain a goal.  Don’t’ get sidetracked, you might be going and see something shinny and oops what was I doing.  Have fun but keep a structure or you could lose your way, so stuck in your thoughts it could skip a step, focus and you will arrive, boy will it be good.  If preoccupied with a situation and not thinking clearly find that wise friend or family member get a fresh perspective.  If need a change apply at vacant positions maybe even another location or job.  Stay away from bitter people surround yourself with positive influences.