Energy of the day:

Need to remove some unwanted negative energy, no matter the root, on a day like today, oh today is that day, so cleanse your energy and free your destiny from all anchors you have definitely worked hard on your energy and you need to free yourself for what comes next.

If today is your birthday:

Meditation is something that will help you keep balanced as you are usually running around to achieve or attain a goal.  Don’t’ get sidetracked, you might be going and see something shinny and oops what was I doing.  Have fun but keep a structure or you could lose your way, so stuck in your thoughts it could skip a step, focus and you will arrive, boy will it be good.  If preoccupied with a situation and not thinking clearly find that wise friend or family member get a fresh perspective.  If need a change apply at vacant positions maybe even another location or job.  Stay away from bitter people surround yourself with positive influences.