Energy of the day:

Today will be a good day to tear down, so if you wanted to redo the bathroom or tear down a wall, maybe destroy that old shed, any endeavor where destruction is part then the day will be positive so if you want to get divorce it’s a good day to file today.

Pisces:  If you still feel disoriented or stunned from an event don’t fear, dust of and continue forwards.

If today is your birthday:

Your balance is great, don’t let any obstacles bring you down, if you need exercise and you will blow past any hurtful moment and stop dwelling needlessly.  Prone to excess you might drink too much or smoke to much or anything to excess can become a problem.  No more, you are meat to lead, so get to it, don’t mind the nay Sayers as there will always be haters in this world, a world you were supposed to make brighter through your accomplishments.