Energy of the day:

Start any new work or business or project, believe that today is a good day to initiate and you will have a better day to complete any long term project.  Lets say you wanted to start a new business it does not have to start today but you do need to start your business plan and the odds of success will be exponential compared to other days.

The Rat and the Dragon will not have good energy today so for you perhaps this flow will not apply,  all other signs will do well so go for it.


If today is your birthday:

You can be at the center of any universe, even a star may crash if it does not slow down to see the scenery.  So, find enjoyable tasks that might bring contentment, might be a sport, sewing, does not matter find your thing and then you may reach all you want.  If you are feeling trapped but don’t know why, realize you are getting to your limit, as an old soul your makeup may get confusing as you traverse the great ocean to arrive at your destined path.