Anything of abundance you can imagine today you can launch, try and launch your ship in a new direction, very abundant returns are the general energies of the day.

If this happens to be your birthday then you are a person that can give good advice, maybe even think about a career of service of some kind, don’t let the energies of other people overwhelm you.  Since you are so sensitive the need to clean and protect your energy should be a priority so if you’re interested go to my youtube channel and see different ways you can accomplish this.

If you happen to be 13 years of age, time to start to make choices, make directional changes towards the future, if your age happens to be 16 perhaps you need to sleep better, eat better, generally make better body choices, maybe a good multivitamin.

Covid-19 keep it clean!
* For the best way to clean your hands, if you use antibacterial it must be at least 70% alcohol for it to do the job of killing most bacteria, must scrub till dry on hands. Should have available when you get in and out of car, before going into area with potential contamination, not just for you but for the people in the location you are entering. Should clean again after you leave a location, remember antibacterial kills bacteria. At any time it’s a good time to wash hands with soap and water, remember to scrub well as soap and water does not kill bacteria rather washes it off your body, in order for this to happen you must scrub your hand thoroughly then dry.