Good day to initiate new projects, leave on vacation, start a new job, anything you want to start like working on your garage or build a shed, you get the idea, not the best day to file lawsuit or file for bankruptcy.  Initiation of positive endeavors are the way for today.

If today is your birthday you are a natural spiritual person, trust your intuition, remember there are no absolutes but as a general trend this day will have wonderful instincts, you can use this to be in sales for example.  Charming are also some of your traits, stay away from vises as you can be obsessive, that is why most of the time your mind does not turn off.

If you are 61 years of age give life an extra spin, be the phoenix if you need to reignite your life, good day to do it, if you are good, stop waiting for tomorrow for what you can do today, so go on vacation, don’t wait till better times.  No time like the present, live is the best suggestion.

astrology is a science and an art, it’s a way for a person looking to order and meaning to your life also steps outside science and an artistic guide into a possible path of life into a person’s life. Things are not simple facts like taurus is hard headed, it’s much more complex, to be accurate you must look into other signs that rule the person like their ascending and other signs or symbols.
It’s a form of divination based on facts of study, not all astrologers agree you will be the judge if you study, i’m a believer and without getting a PHD you can get very reliable, look at the people around you, family and compare the charts referencing what you know to see how accurate, it’s a beginning to get you interested.  No one can tell you why you are here, rather the better trends according to the planets and how they are around in your chard.  Fairly accurate.