The first steps are always the most important so starting anew is normal, today is one of those days of initiation, if you want to start it’s most important to do it on a day where your energy will be supported.  Don’t have to but if you are that person then today is a good day to initiate.

If this is your birthday then remember that you are like a shiny silver dollar and heaven luck as been positively placed on your path of life, does not mean everything will always go your way but it does mean that good luck rides with you often, imagine if you did not look for shortcuts rather do the work as well, there are very few limits to what you can accomplish.

Good day for the Goad, bad day for the rooster

Inhale is our birth breath, last breath we exhale, so upon birth and our first breath  where the astrological bodies are located impacts our life, most don’t think of this but the moment of our last exhale also gives us an idea of our first steps into our after life.