Energy of the day:

Some days are smooth sailing, not a day to make any dramatic changes, today is just a coast day, keep it going and know tomorrow will be better.

Taurus:  If you want or need change, go for it, think small moves it does not to be drastic, there’s a lot to say about slow and easy you will get there and stronger than ever.

If today is your birthday:

For you all was given at birth, heart, connection, creative, charming so if you do you by the numbers you will achieve to great potential.  Don’t hop around too much or you might be good at several things but great at nothing. We are but one cup of water so in order to let something new in we must empty some, not my rule the universe.  Extremely passionate but can be bored, like a kid with a new toy play all day but tomorrow will be another toy to play, life like this can get hectic.