Energy of the day:

The day’s energy is closed so the best you can do is personally open them, some of the best way is prayer, meditation, cleansing rituals, there are several types of energy, the universal energy, the personal energy so if you improve your personal it will play through any universal energies.

Gemini:  Your mind has been contemplative but soon it will get back to it’s usual lightning phase.

If today is your birthday:

You have it in you to achieve, don’t overdo it, you can be passionate about what you want, love yourself and the world will love you.  Be smart, don’t ever dwell on the negative, you can be very positive but when you let self-doubt in your desire hits the floor.  Dwelling can be very destructive for you so try and move away from those emotions.  Your nurturing nature can be good but if not reciprocated it can again drain you so if not good drop it and move in another direction.