Energy of the day:

The day’s energy is best used for meditation, prayer, cleansing, faith will get you there, the rest is to release perhaps even long anchors, maybe even from another life, on a day like today doors will open to release chains even from before you were born.

Taurus:  Time to make changes, no more waiting.

If today is your birthday:

You want it all and why not as an old soul the world is your plaything and in whatever direction you go find your place you will.  Come on smart and that hunger to achieve is in you just focus on one thing and don’t feel trapped if it takes longer because so many people quick just when they are in the home stretch trust your gut and go for the gusto.  It could be something from the past that needs to be revisited if you still feel the need accomplish your dreams.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, remind yourself that it’s never to late and embark on achieving your dreams into reality.