A day to get returns, so if you want to get a promotion, upgrade yourself in some way then this is your day, don’t guess rather extrapolate adn make the best choices for your future.

If this is your birthday remember it’s not who starts or who speeds rather those who follow a path and stick to it until done.  You’re an ingenious personality and can accomplish much,

Like in western astrology chinese astrology also has likes but instead of elements it’s more about types, the Rat, Dragon, Monkey are the innovators,  the Ox, Rooster, Snake are the visionaries and the Tiger, Dog, Horse are the free spirits the hare pig and sheep are artists.  The Rat is known for charm, the Dragon for luck, the monkey fantasy, the rooster for candor, the snake for wisdom, the ox for equilibrium, the tiger courage, dog loyalty, horse elegance while the hare prudence, the pig honesty and sheep art.