Energy of the day:

Today the energies are locked so it’s best to leave all important endeavors for another day if you can, if not try some form of cleansing ritual to stabilize your own energies.

Virgo:  If you noticed it might be difficult to focus your endeavors so put all your energies to the task at hand the rest will come when you are ready.

Most people complain when in the cusp what am I, so the truth is when in the cusp you are both signs so the takeaway if within 2 days of the cusp you may be considered having traits of both signs.

If today is your birthday:

In life we must always choose us first when you let too much of your emotions ride on the whims of others, you can get depressed.  A job in the philosophical arts, therapy for example might be a good calling, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by other people as they can drain you.  Leadership potential is yours so o for it, remember not bossy just leadership.  Be careful with involvement with illegal things or situations.  Bless your home, clean with camphor water, be careful with a robbery either your home or business.