Energy of the day:

Overall good day, this month has a lot of changes but on this day the energy is such that most endeavors would have a better chance to succeed so if there is ever a moment to give new things a chance the energies will allow better outcomes.

If today is your birthday:

Whenever there is a passing in your family or circle get prayers for that soul from your church or religious organization.  Keep people with vises away from your personal life, if you have children there will be some triumph in that situation.  Don’t think the good provider is enough sometimes a companion needs special sustenance and without it you could lose someone close to you.  You have all the capabilities to do more, just stay happy, I like watching comedy central and laughing thus keeping life light.  Your drive is to excel so forwards you go, along the way you will meet some resistance, during those times of insecurity know you are driven to success and those nay Sayers are only jealous of your excellence.  Be feisty but not arrogant, more and more achieve your goals, so be more tomorrow and don’t let others make you feel less because you do more than they do.