Energy of the day:

Great day to gain abundance in your life, the odds are generally better to achieve today, hey, preparation, preparation, preparation then execution.  No matter maybe you’ve been wanting to do something, today the odds are better than any other day this month for it to come out heads!

The Dragon & the Snake have super energy today so doubly so good luck for you today.

Libra, if you have been flourishing, enjoy it while it lasts, not to say it will go sour, but when on an up we should take advantage.

If today is your birthday:

Don’t listen to those nay Sayers that would distract you from your true goals, even if eventually things don’t work out you must try as regret is the worst thing.  Delightful personality, feisty beautiful inside and out, if you are a woman, men might see you as a sex object, don’t give in to the sales pitch, you make them see you and earn you before you go into the intimate zone.  Those willing to keep passe will be worthy of a second look those pressing the issue are just out for a good time so cut them loose.  You are so intuitive that maybe as a doctor or therapist or any level of the medical profession will be good for you.  Dogs have four lets but even they must travel in one direction, so should you, stop hopping around as you will end up nowhere.  Stay away from red as a favorite color, limit its use as it could cost you emotional turmoil.