Good day so you can go on your way, all is good for the day, keep your routine or not, so why not just have a good night sleep and find joy in all you do.

If this is your birthday let’s call this a lucky day for you so take a chance on luck being on your side, been ducking making important choose or asking that special someone, this might be a good day to ask that special question better than average to get the right answer.

12 houses in the zodiac,

the houses that aspect the rising signs help, 6th or 12th house are the most negative or challenging the angular houses 1,4,7,10th houses most powerful

Here are the first 6 of twelve houses, remember this is just a basic description of the houses, the planets and other important aspect can enhance or take away from the energies that impact the houses.
1st- what are they like sun rise the self personal development, looks etc. your body personality

2nd- money what you do with money rules also self esteem, how you earn income, practical side possessions including people

3rd- communications, short trips, technology, networking of any kind, negotiations of all tipes

4th- where are they from where sun is at midnight, home & family foundation, nurturing parent,

5th- children, romance, creativity, sports, acting or self employment antropenour, fun and games, children show up in our fifth house can be pets

6th- work, health, service to others, like to be of service,