It’s time for you to grow spiritually, focus on your path, make today the time you reinforce who you are and where you are going, today is not just another day, make it the first day.

If today happens to be your birthday, you were born to be important, look in the mirror and remind yourself of the special purpose you have, push and continue towards your goals for you are not just charismatic, you are many things and when you put it all together you will be the special destiny you always new you had ahead of you.

Houses 7 – 12 all houses have special meaning, don’t forget that astrology is complex but worth learning, other aspects on each house can modify how it’s characteristics are displayed, planets for example.

7th-who are they with where sun sets, relationships, business relationships of any kind, all kinds of relationships, enemies, litigation, marriage or legal unions, divorce,

8th- other people’s money intimacy, grants insurance, banks, transformation, people give you their secrets, power and control,

9th- psychology, get to the bottom of things, travel, religion or spirituality meaning in life, international so travel, principles, see the big picture

10th-what do they do in the middle of day, career, ambition, status, public image, teach, nurshuring, up front parent teaches how to deal with world other people

11th- house of friends, teams, large scale support help others, group activities, humanitarian, create peace and harmony for the whole if you are evolved

12th- secretive things, psychic, intuitive house, find your inner self, subconscious. behind the scenes rules the spirit world, need time alone to recoup