Energy of the day:

Today is not a good day to initiate any legal action, not a good day to do surgery and also not a good day to start travel, if you are already traveling or in the midst of legal action then it’s ok, same if you are already doing medical stuff then its ok to continue.  Otherwise a great day to evolve spiritually, clear energy, focus your mind on the future.

If today is your birthday:

This is a person whose charisma can take far; you need to keep a check on your nervous system as stressful situations can overcome you.  A natural leader can sell all they believe in including themselves.  They can look their best when on target and focused, can tend to like the easy life so shortcuts are possible instead of doing the work.  There is a chance of twins for this birthday so see if the family line has them from either the father or mother.  Your charismatic nature can make you or break you, if you do the work the world can be yours.  Can be guided by the moon so very emotional by nature, subject to changes every two to three days depending on the planets orbit as it pertains to your sign.  Keep your sex drive in check or you can be in for a complicated life, you are funny but sensitive and can make jokes to keep things out of your intimate zone.