Energy of the day:

A day where balance will keep you afloat, don’t be extravagant in a positive or negative direction, just keep the flow and your life will stay on an even keel.

Scorpio:  You may feel as if the brakes have been slammed on you, no matter, take the time to tidy up all those things you have not time for.  When the world serves you lemons just smile and make lemonade.

The Rat, Dragon and Monkey might need to do a bit more as your personal space has a bit more on your plates today, simple use the time to meditate, prayer can also be a big boost in your flow.

If today is your birthday:

You will recuperate a loss, don’t pay attention to gossip, when you get what you wanted to throw a house party dedicated to your spirits, in gratitude to what you have received.  If involved with a friendship or love affair that is costing you then end it.  Do not allow others to look down on you, self-talk will always work, so give yourself positive reinforcement.  You are sharp, ingenuity is your thing, you are able to navigate most waters and use your charisma to overcome any obstacles.  Your leadership abilities can conflict with other powerful forces within you like you might be stubborn not a good leadership trait when leading others.