Not a good day to travel, so if you can avoid it, it will be the right move; otherwise it’s best for you to initiate new endeavors, start a new life, start all things you wanted to do today.

If this is your birthday, you are smart, be more driven to achieve, you might need some me time from time to time.  Don’t forget about you as you go about achievement, use all the charisma this life gave you to move forwards.

Astrology tidbits

favorite house is 1 some say 10th is the 2nd most potent house, don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a lot of activity in these houses, all the houses are important and we are all unique for our individual purposes.

where your jupiter is where you are blessed, what ever house it’s in, makes it bigger; saturn contracts restricts, holds on to what you got, plan carefully, reality, responsibility, respond to your ability