Energy of the day:

Energy of the day is smooth and perfect for initiation of any endeavor, project, so if you’ve been holding off then now is the time, pull the trigger!

Sagittarius: Full of energy but no where to point, get ready your time is coming, pour all your excess energy into your endeavor.

Lets look at astrological signs and what are their main ailments:

Aries:  Any head related ailments, headaches, migraine, sinus problems, nosebleeds, faintness, neuralgia, fever, inflammation, high blood pressure.

Every day I will add a different sign until all twelve are detailed.

If today is your birthday:

Definitely feisty, you can get around most situations and arrive at your destination, the ocean can help you heal any emotional scars.  An old soul, you are capable to avoid, evade all negative energies and let you get to your achievement destination.  Listen to your dreams, full of detail and in some cases color the dreamscapes for you can be as real as your waking life.  Be careful with a slip and fall, if you do heavy lifting use your legs not your back.  Offer fresh flowers to the spirits in your home, always spray perfume or sweet-smelling things in your home.  Get more involved in your spiritual life and your spirits will hear the call and help you.