Energy of the day:

Belief is essential in life, todays energy is volatile so yes if you hit the right patch it can catapult you forwards otherwise keep a low profile and this too will pass.

Capricorn:  You need to take a breath, a knee, you do not have patience but in this time it will not only be rewarded you will regain your composure and that will get you where you need to be.

Time to spend the day in a destructive way, so today’s energy will be good only for destructive endeavors, file for divorce, tear down that nasty bathroom, that shed that was an eye sore.

Sagittarius:  It’s time to tweak your plans and then pull the trigger, get off the sidelines and join the path forwards.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus, The neck, Throat, Thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, these are all the body parts that can by affected by those Taureans.


If today is your birthday:

Clumsy much, pay attention or you could be prone to bumps and bruises.  Any being of service carrier will be good for you so medicine of any kind, also keep an I on me first, if you spread too thin you might get overwhelmed and crash.  Emotions run high for you so giving yourself vitamin B12 nutrition might nourish your nervous system.  Be clear, don’t work with dark magic, know your enemy but veer clear of those who would harm you.  Protect your property, get 4 railroad spikes, wash them, make a mixture of 7 herbs in water add some honey, mix well leave the spikes there for 7 days then dig a hole in the four corners of your home and burry the spikes one in each corner it will create a shield of protection from negative forces.