Energy of the day:

Today the energy is good for obtaining what you have been working towards, so if you have been studying then take the test, remember only positive if you have prepared.

Leo you are ruled by the sun, take care of the cardiovascular heart problems, arteries, blood pressure either high or low, back issues, aneurysm, spinal problems etc.

Aquarius, your brain is on fire, ideas are all over the place, be careful with being over emotional it could murky up those clear thoughts.

If today is your birthday:

You might have much, good communicator, negotiator, but love is your thing, being loved, love it’s all about intimacy. You can have a creative bone but if it does not manifest with you it will with your own children.  This birthday will have luck, look down and find $20 dollar bill just waiting for you, if you guess you will probably guess right, you know looking for a parking space, full lot but you drive to the front as someone leaves.  The ocean is your place if you feel heavy just sit by the water and you will feel better.