Today you should clean your energies, use traditional good thought method, if you concentrate on the positive you will achieve a positive end.  If however you know there is some negative energies around you perhaps some more material type cleanse is in order.

If today is your birthday, realize you can be high strung so besides a good multi vitamin also a good multi B vitamin might be in order, with stress comes the need for rest.  Make sure you always sleep adequately so your body will recuperate, your nervous system tends to run hot so give it enough of what it needs and you will achieve all you desire.

Take 2 cold eggs from your refrigerator and wash them with water, dry them and lay in bed, put one egg over each eye and hold them in place with a towel, as you rest in bed with your eyes closed and an egg over each eye, meditate on what you need the most.  Try and stay like this for at least 30 minutes, once done grab the eggs and crack them on the inside of your toilet and don’t worry if it seems one or more are pasty or even hard boiled.  This type of cleanse can be done once a month and helps in keeping your thoughts under control so you don’t let your mind run amuck.