Energy of the day:

Good day for new opportunities, visit friends, socialize, get on with all new things you want to initiate the energies will favor these endeavors.

Pisces, try to slow down, be still for a minute, time seems to be running amok, still your mind, try to slow down your breathing.

Scorpio some of your possible medical issues could be prostate issues, colon, reproductive organs, even hemorrhoids’.

If today is your birthday:

There are some happening times in your life, don’t let the party go on to long or late, it will eventually affect you physically or emotionally.  You are hard charger and always wanted success, so why risk it with too much partying keep life on track and you will go far, maybe even politics as you have a following, people believe in you.  There are plenty of opportunities for fun but don’t leave work undone.  You need to be more patient specially with stupidity as there are many stupid people in the world and you are smarter than the average person.