Energy of the day:

A great day to worship, have faith, give thanks, not all is as it seems so get back to basics, pray, meditate, use cleansing rituals and connect with the divine.

Sagittarius, some of the possible physicals ailments swelling, overweigh, overindulgence of any kind could be a problem.

Aries, don’t have to say yes to everything, sometimes your energy might not be there, be selective about the endeavors you do agree to do.

If today is your birthday:

Might move might have many changes but each step before prepared you for the next, you are smooth and friendly but have a dark side, stay in the light, and remember we all have a dark side, it’s what we do with those negative impulses, in the short it might help but long run it will be a problem.  You have all, gifted with charisma enough to help you your entire life.  If you feel you are stuck in the middle of something do your best to get out of the middle of the storm.