Energy of the day:

A day of abundance so if you are endeavoring to grow it the odds are better than on other days.

Aries: Been feeling full of yourself, energetic, perhaps it’s time to pace yourself, there could be some changes coming in this soon.

Aquarius some of the physical weaknesses for your makeup could be stress, anxiety, arthritis, circulatory issues in general.

If today is your birthday:

Old souls like you can get it done, you are a healer, love to help others and as long as you are stable family life will always go forth in triumph.  You are very charismatic and mature more so than others your age that’s why as you were growing up you might have felt out of place among children you age.  Pay particular attention to your dreams as you have intuition and messages can come in this form for you, also you will have many times where some insight and after you dismiss the thought it happened and then you feel like you knew it but did not pay attention to it.