Energy of the day:

The energy of today is just to keep life flowing, so if all is well just keep it that way, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed then prayer, meditation might be what is needed to keep your mind flowing, don’t forget cardio could allow you to sweat your any anxiety, that will be your best pill.

Aries, potassium is a good one for this astrological sign, brain food, get it in your food group or as a pill.

Aries, take heed, don’t just say yes to all then not have the energy to follow through, if you learn this lesson it will be good throughout your lifetime.

If today is your birthday:

Nature, ocean, any outdoor activity will be good for you, a team player you can overcome any short comings in groups or teams.  Don’t become hardheaded, listen to advice, do not need to follow through but with an open mind you will go further.  Love and passion are good, but family is the end goal so if you achieve both you will have reached your version of nirvana.  If inspired use this fuel to expand your mind, teach what you learn.  Don’t be so difficult to listen when advice is given, sometimes being defensive might not be the answer.