Energy of the day:

Knowing when you have enough is being fulfilled, today is a day you may fulfill some plans, just remember do what you want to do and know when enough is enough.

Taurus, It’s time to overanalyze your problems, sometimes it is what it takes to get through confusing or turbulent situations.

Taurus, sodium could be good to regulate your water supply, if you feel dry or bloated perhaps a doctor visit is what is called for.

The Snake and the Rooster might have to work a bit harder today to achieve!

If today is your birthday:

You are truly a smart person, don’t let hang ups block you from your goals, family squabbles may be your issue so flow through and don’t get stuck in the mud, try and have patience for others as you are very quick, and God graced you with quick reasoning don’t demean those lessors around you.  The same way you are quick thinking you can transfer this to car and driving so slow down or you could get more expensive insurance from speeding tickets to accidents.