For today stay away from any big decisions try and relax, sleep in, give the day wide room to pass and it will for tomorrow will be better.

If today is your birthday, dress to kill and you will, the life of this birthday will be based on your desire to be more, you were given heaven luck so take it for a spin and don’t doubt yourself. Stay away from family squabbles and remember a word in anger can cost you.

Lets clear some accumulated heavy energy, wear the same comfortable clothing to bed for a week, that is seven days, on the morning of the last day, take a scissor and cut a little bit of the item and tear from your body with your own hands, imagine you are ridding yourself of obstacles, well anything you deem negative, place the shredded item in a metal container and light it on fire, maybe a little alcohol to help it along, do this outdoors so you don’t cause a fire.