Energy of the day:

It’s a great day to start, initiate activities, to keep things going on an even keel, today you can do anything you want to and the odds are good that if will turn out good.

Taurus, mental overdrive won’t last so be patient and know this too shall pass.

The 12 houses in astrology, 1st house self, ruling sign Aries, It’s the house of the self, what other see and although we popularize the sun signs like I’m a Virgo sometimes we reflect our rising sign and the sign is the signs that initiates in the first house for example I’m Leo ascending.

If today is your birthday:

The good life is what you desire, so study get ready and it will be yours, your sensitive nature may yet slow you down as you might get bogged down with emotional trivialities.  Single minded once you place your desires into action the world will be your oyster, your charisma will take you where no one has gone before, walking to the beat of your own drum you will make headway into a life worth remembering.