Energy of the day:

Today is a day most avoid as it is very much made for destruction, this turbulent energy is hard to control so I say unless you want to destroy something just sit this day out tomorrow will be a better day.  So destroy that bathroom you’ve been wanting to redo, rip out that old shed in the back yard.

The 12 Houses, the 2nd house is about attaining more and more, money, goods etc the ruling planet is Taurus.


If today is your birthday:

Don’t let the people around you dictate your actions or reactions to events keep an open mind but do you and all will be right with your future.  I feel water will be a good energy for you so whenever you feel restless try siting by running water or the ocean any form of water really.  Try and exercise as this will keep you flowing, being around others is a good thing for you might need alone time but don’t stay there too long or you might fall into depression or loneliness.