Believe in yourself, today should be a day of reflection, if you have been keeping a diary it’s a great day to look through the last few months and gauge your progress.  It’s a good day to clear the cobwebs use the day to clear negative energy so pray, meditate, even yoga will help, don’t look down at exercise as a mode to elevate as it will take you further than the couch!

If today is your birthday look into your dreams, reflect on where you are, where you have been and where you are going, always had been dreams, time to turn into reality.  Get a coral horn, it’s a small natural coral that will fortify and protect your energies, usually can get at a jewelry store, can be added to ankle bracelet, necklace, bracelet etc.


The trifecta is some of the major areas that concern you the individual. Where your sun is, moon and rising signs are the best way to regularly see where your energies are best suited for the day, week, etc.