Today will be a good day, one thing, try not to leave on your vacation on this day, you can be on vacation, just not the day to leave or move to a new home, otherwise the energy of today does bring stable outcome to most activities so get on it.

If today is your birthday then you  know greatness is within you, you can do anything you put your mind to, remember people will look to you for answers, be all you can be, it’s sometimes a responsibility to help others.

It’s never a bad day to clear you energies so get some mandarin peels after you eat at least three of them, add to a cooking pot filled with water, add 1 bushel of parsley, add a still of parsley unless you are allergic, boil and once cooled add some of your cologne or perfume, after you shower pour contents over your head and dry off, it might be good to add more water to mix so it will soak your already wet body.