Energy of the day:

One of the word energy days, when there is volatile energy in the air does not mean it will be bad it just means unstable so when there is instability we tend to hold our breath and wait till the climate gets better.  Lets consider the individual energy, so if the energy for the person is good that will override the energy of the day, so if the person’s energy is also low it will double the chances of things turning out badly.  When one of my clients is going to do something important like a surgery they will give me some dates and i will find one that both gives great day energy and good energy personally.  None of this guarantees success but it will optimize the chances in your favor.

If today is your birthday:

Being hardheaded is never a good quality, be open to input and don’t always think they are trying to tell you what to do.  Nature is beautiful, outdoors life will be good for you, plenty of sun and shake off any depressive tendencies, your leadership abilities will show early in life don’t throw them away as they will lead to a successful adult later on.  If you get offered a chance for a do over make sure you do it better than ever, after all doing it right is important.