Energy of the day:

Great day to strategize, plan and execute if you are ready, the day has very stable energy so go for it.

The Rat, Snake, Monkey and Rooster should work harder to achieve.

Aries: You may run into resistance today so don’t stress just deal and remember nothing lasts for ever.

Libra:  Today might be a good day for you to sit outside in the sun and get vitamin D and remember some days are just stressful so sunlight might be a good way to keep your energies up during these times.

If today is your birthday:

Being hardheaded is never a good quality, be open to input and don’t always think they are trying to tell you what to do.  Nature is beautiful, outdoors life will be good for you, plenty of sun and shake off any depressive tendencies, your leadership abilities will show early in life don’t throw them away as they will lead to a successful adult later on.  If you get offered a chance for a do over make sure you do it better than ever, after all doing it right is important.