Energy of the day:

The energy of the day is set up for all new ventures to have a better than average chance to succeed, so if you wanted to ask for more money at work, get engaged, ask for marriage then this is a good day.   Looking to buy a home today is a good day to put in a bid on that house you’ve wanted, you get the idea, just pull the trigger on new project and see what happens.

If today is your birthday:


Walking to the beat of your own drum is your mantra, nice to be in the crowd but stand out you will so don’t sit back rather stand out and you will achieve all you want in life.  You know you are hot stuff, so again you were born to stand out, go for it and you will get there, you will probably also travel the world as you love beauty of all kind, especially yours.  You feel the need to improve then maybe that is what you need to do, stop thinking and get it done.