Energy of the day:

Simply not a good energy day so if you can avoid doing any significantly important activity tomorrow will be a better day.

The Tiger and the Snake have good energy today so if you wish to push your good flow you may try what ever you need to on this day.

Scorpio:  If today it feels like all are coming at you at once, you can do it all but not all at once, also remind yourself it’s impossible to please everyone.

Taurus:  Curb balls are ahead, so go fourth but tip toe ahead.

If today is your birthday:

Sit back and allow your sharp mind to find the solution to any and all your problems, check your eyes you might need glasses, if you have any issues with a child fix it.  I like the pastel colors for you, keep a little coral horn adornment on your person, on a bracelet  or other just remember you are good with the ocean so keeping a piece of it with you  will fortify your aura strengthen your resolve and block negative energies from affecting you.  maybe a carrier in law enforcement or lawyer might be good for you defenders of the underdogs often choose these to fulfil their feeling of justice for all.