Today is a good day for prayer, meditation, invocation, fill yourself with spirituality, It’s believed that the ancestors are the ones that can help the bloodline, so invoke them, ask them, they are your ancestors, their job until reincarnation is to help the living move forwards.

If today is your birthday try and remember your dreams, I suggest getting a notepad, place it on the nightstand and every night and morning as you drift off place it onto your chest and create a mantra, post hypnotic suggestion like this “when i dream i will awaken, write down my dreams and go soundly back to sleep ” every evening before bed and first thing in the morning as you awaken.   It might take weeks or even months but when it’s accepted by the sub conscience you will be writing on that note pad regularly and you will be able to decipher your messages.

If this year you are 50 years of age, don’t take any risks, stay steady with what you do, focus on the positive, a good year to rewire your negative thoughts. Listen to your intuition, meditation can help you in these endeavors.