Energy of the day:

You wanted today you can go after it, the energy will give you a good push towards any and all new beginnings, so if you wish to go, the homestretch is just ahead in a day like today. Own your power and you will get ahead on a day such as today the bounty is your for the taking, pull the trigger and it will be yours.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to land on your feel, yes you could fall but get up like the phoenix you will as for this birthday failure is not an option.  Some people fall and never recover not you; your abilities range from very independent too sensitive to others needs. A day that can be depended on you will do well in life, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Put order in your house, don’t swear or curse others, don’t take on the problems of others or you can bring misfortune to your own life.  It’s time for you to show how you really feel, relationships work best when you are honest.