Energy of the day:

Great energy day, today all is good so take the day’s energies for a spin.

In astrology the 12 houses the 5th house is the house of self expression, creativity, children, pets, hobbies, games, vacation, affection.


If today is your birthday:

Creative, smart what about you is short, nothing, born to achieve great heights passionate as well what can I say this birthday has it all even good looks.  An eye for beauty and talent in life you will excel because you don’t know how to fail.  Be all you can be, and success and the world will be your oyster.  You will make a good businessman or woman, never down yourself for stupid or insignificant mistakes. Be careful with a problem at work, misunderstandings that can escalate if not cleared up.  Be careful of someone whispering sweet nothings in your ear, they might just be using you, if in a counter productive relationship get out do not fixate on the unfixable or unattainable.  All you yearn for is love and in life it has alluded you.  Sometime you will have to connect to spirit the more you elevate the closer you will be to love.