Energy of the day:

Great energy day so go for your goals, on days like today most initial openings will have a good chance of success.

The 12 Houses of astrology the 6th house is the house of work, employment, diet, hygiene, service ect.  Remember I will continue as the days pass until done with the definition of the houses.


If today is your birthday:

Don’t allow your dreams or nightmares to control your life, don’t let them allow you to have a bad day.      Don’t let yourself get exhausted from too much work, don’t take on things that are others, don’t let others torment you asking things of you that you are not wanting to do.  Charming, creative, smart, a bit high strung but you need to be if your life is in the hustle bustle fast word of business.  You were born to stand out, even young all had something to say about you, work your magic and achieve all you want in life you will.  You can be a captain of industry, in order to get there, you have to study, learn all you can and put to practice in the world.