This day’s energies are very still, not good to do anything important, keep in mind it is a good day for spiritual strengthening so take this time to fortify your spirituality.  If you must do significant work make sure you clean your energies as these types of days can definitely slow you down.

If this is your birthday, trust the stars will not abandon you, make your plan then follow execution, you were meant for bigger things, self doubt is not part of your equation.  Believe in yourself, think of those early moments when you knew there was more in your future, it’s never too late.

Bad day for the Rat.


The three most important for you to know:

Sun sign tells you the general themes in your life and how you are positioned to react (to things like break ups, for example).

Rising sign focuses on the timing of when things will happen (like a new job, relationship, etc).

Moon sign is all about your emotional inner self—your true self.

To see a more complete vision of a person the above are crucial.