Energy of the day:

The energies of the day are low or stagnant so you should use the time predictably and meditate, pray, some form of cleansing ritual.

Capricorn: Time to look at yourself in the mirror, are you truly reflecting what shows the real you, if not, time to rewire.

If today is your birthday:

Don’t let your rigid attitude can cost you a good relationship.  If you are told something in confidence keep it to yourself, a lifetime to build trust one slipup to lose it forever.  You love music and very smart, so much so you have no patience for the lessors, yes not all are as smart or as sharp as you, but patience is a virtue.  There is a negative or depressive side to you, don’t allow your obsessive-compulsive traits get the better of you.  You are a born leader, give that part of your personality a chance, those skills will take you far.  Anger is not good for you it can cost you relationships and friendships.