Energy of the day:

Keep a low profile today, tomorrow will be a better day, again work on some sort of cleansing rituals.

Capricorn, don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need help so now it might be your turn.


If today is your birthday:

You have a capacity to be psychic, look into it, the spiritual world can fulfill many dreams, place a glass of water in your bedroom and ask to clear any negative energies, make sure the glass is higher than where your head would be if you are standing.  Full of love for life, if you have creative inklings go for them your eye for beauty can open doors into your destiny.  Old soul you will want more always follow your dreams not your nightmares.   A little messy but most creative types are a bit scattered, don’t drown this out as with these traits also comes greatness.  You were born with great instincts and the spirit world could finetune that, making life easier for you in all respects.