Energy of the day:

This is the most positive energy day of the month, keeping with this you should take advantage of the great flow and use it for your betterment, if you wish to grow spiritually then meditate, use energy clearing rituals, if you are more in the 3D world then pull the trigger on any project you have been wanting to launch, this could be your new business, maybe ask that special someone to move in together, you get the idea on this day most things have better chance to be obtained, don’t waste it!

If today is your birthday:

Professional, maybe a writer at least you will be a good communicator, most great achievers are there because they relate well with others, I’ve met many a PHDs who work for a wheeler dealer salesman type.  This intangible quality may take you where just education will not, travel the world you will if you unleash your true potential.  When things run amuck take time and stock in your life reaffirm your dreams and directions.