Today is a good day to initiate, yes Monday is a good day for you to jump on opportunities, initiate tasks, adventures, if music is your thing, time to try your hand on more.   Must not become arrogant, you were blessed with a sharp mind, don’t diminish those around you just because they are not up to your mental agility.

If this is your birthday, must be careful with obsessions, learning and evolving is one of the key things you will do in your life.  New everything is how you grow, as you can grow board rather quickly if not stimulated.  There is not much left as where you put your energies achievement is the usual outcome, don’t let your mind run amuk as you can become your own wort enemy, if you feel overwhelmed, exercise is the solution.

If you’re a tiger, horse or dog, maybe on this day you should think it over, wait to make final decision till another day, the rooster, snake and pig will have better options for a good outcome today.