Energy of the day:

Today’s energies are just geared for more, so if more is on the horizon then pour it on today’s energy is to get more so pull the trigger on any plans and the returns should be better than most other days.  Sign contracts, fill out what new opportunities you want to come into your life today you can move forwards, don’t hold your breath rather breathe.

If today is your birthday:

You can become arrogant, in order to fit in you must become a chameleon,  a snake must shed its skin to grow so must you evolve past any negative tendencies and anger in order to sit on the throne that awaits, born to lead you will do exactly that, obsessive tendencies are good but not if it drives you too much drinking, gambling, smoking, sex etc.   Charismatic you want it all and don’t have a problem with short cuts, in life you must work for what you want so to leave those childish ideas behind and do the work, become what you were born to.