Today is a good day, accomplish, remember even if the day is positive it still requires you take action, on good days it does not guarantee success rather it gives you endeavors a better chance for a positive outcome than on days when the energies are turbulent.

If today is your birthday, you were born old, since more than likely you’ve had many lifetimes before this one some might see you as mature, if you remember as a child when at a kids party you always seemed to be looking at things from the outside in spite of the fact that you were just another one of the kids.  Another tendency of this birthday is to get insight from dreams so pay attention they might be messages.

The rat, dragon and snake, not the best day so try not doing anything of importance.

On this year 2020 if you are 22 years of age, don’t let emotional charged argument cause you to lose things or people of importance.  Most of these arguments could have been avoided or even called misunderstandings, so walk away and get to it when you are calm cool and collected, don’t lose that special someone for nonsense.