Don’t worry the energies of today are good, so if you want to close on a new house, move in to your new home, go to the court house and get married, any event you want to pull the trigger on today is very good for it.

If today is your birthday maybe slow down as your energies have you moving fast, for example this could lead to a ticket while driving or an accident, you could make a choice without really thinking it through.  All about patience, maybe buy some lavender oil and rub in to all the joints and the spine to relax you.

Quick list of the 12 houses:

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states