This is a great day to work on clearing negative energy, negative energy can be from other people, past events even past life karmic stuff.  So my suggestion think look at your personal beliefs and whatever avenues take you to pull the trigger on this topic please do it today.  Prayer is always a good one, does not matter if you do not do it, never too late to start, my opinion as you pray invoke the spirit of your ancestors.

If this happens to be your birthday, look in the mirror and know you have this, your internal sensibility can cause you to get defencive to often, too quickly and for things that you should just brush off.  You are the type of person that would do well near water, so my suggestion make sure you live in a city near some sort of flowing water, river, ocean, I guess even a lake will do.  You have brains and if only a little more confident you would be unstopable.